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Auto Dealers

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At Crescent Bank, we are always looking to build lasting relationships with auto dealers to help them sell more cars and increase their revenue.

Since 1991, Crescent Bank has been committed to providing auto financing solutions to consumers with poor credit. By becoming our partner, we take the risk out of your hands while you still reap the reward of the sale. To get started, we provide local experts that know your markets and work with you to find a structure to help put more deals together.

  • Higher back-end profits — Reserve paid at time of funding with no charge backs and almost always room for Gap and Service Contracts.
  • Fast decisions — By working with local experts that are there when you need them, you are able to get deals structured quicker.
  • Local underwriting authority — Your relationship manager also makes your underwriting decisions, so you get to know who you will work with every day.
  • Not FICO-based — Stability and down payments allow us to help more of your customers.


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